Carer Of The Year

“From a young age, I have always enjoyed helping people. This started off as small tasks such as helping my elderly neighbours do shopping, housework, and gardening – I was always happy to help someone who needed it. In my early adulthood, I was a nursery teacher, which allowed me to develop my interest in helping people who needed it. After becoming a mother, I decided to become a stay-at-home mum until my children were old enough, and in the last few years I was introduced to the field of care work. Initially, my career in care started off as a night-time carer, but I decided that I would like to work within a community instead. That’s when I joined Prestige Care in September 2019.

I was shocked when I got a call asking me to head to the office, unaware of what was happening; worried that I had done something wrong as I always do the best job possible. But when I got to the office, it was a happy surprise to hear from Michele that I was named carer of the year. I was very proud to tell everyone, and was happy when seeing that my boys were proud of me. It feels good to be appreciated and rewarded for what I enjoy doing – caring for people. For me, it’s not just about doing my job, it’s about being a shoulder to cry on, someone to chat with when lonely and just being there for them through what may be a hard time. Being a carer is knowing that sometimes you are making someone’s day by just being there for them; I am proud to call myself a carer because caring is what I’m best at. Thank you for the award”.

Well done from us all!!!